I know the sound of hair removal with sugar can be a little intimidating for the first time, especially when it’s Brazilian sugaring, which is why we want to give you the best advice through experience!

You are welcome to take an Advil or Tylenol if you choose to.  First time clients may feel a little tender the following day but all depends on the person, most clients have no issue.  Keep in mind what you feel the first time sugaring (fully grown out) won’t ever be the same feeling, as long as you don’t skip your appointments. Each time is easier and easier!  You’ll be shocked how little and fine your hair grows back. 

Let your hair grow out ¼ inch or 3-4 weeks. Reason being, this will give you the best results the first time around and from that point on we can recommend how many weeks out you should come back based on the growth you came in with. 

Exfoliate in the shower with whatever is accessible to you. This lifts dead skin so any hairs are now able to pop out.  If you are sensitive then do not overdo it, irritation doesn’t help either.  

  • RELAX! 30 minutes is booked for new Brazilian clients and it’s for a reason. The comfort and experience of my clients come first. If you’re shy or this is a whole new feeling for you I want to allow time to take breaks if you ask, and please don’t hesitate. No judgement here!
  • This seems to happen more frequently than you’d think. Our monthly cycle hits us when our Brazilian Sugaring appointment comes around. This does not bother me. If you just continue your personal hygiene as normal there is no problem. We are all women, nothing to be self-conscious about. Keep in mind you might be a little bit more sensitive than normal.