Sugaring SD has been founded upon my experience in the beauty industry and my expertise in sugaring hair removal. I’ve had the honor of working with the most skilled and reputable women in the industry and am overjoyed to bring to San Diego the best and most personal sugaring experience available!

Most of my clients schedule Brazilian hair removal, and while that can be intimidating, my goal is to always provide a personal and comfortable environment. Brazilian appointments are schedule for 30 minutes to insure quality and efficiency. Although Brazilian appointments take no longer than 10 minutes, we value the trust given to us to provide a standard in sugaring hair removal. After each sugaring appointment our clients are given a warm lavender towel to clean up any sticky feeling before continuing with their day. It’s normal to feel nervous about scheduling an appointment but I promise a relaxed experience where quality service and discretion are paramount. 

Your time is valuable and for that reason I offer my clients a user-friendly mobile app that allows you to check available times, stamp towards your free sugaring and make appointments! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I always respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. In an industry where you have many options, I appreciate your interest in and support of Sugaring SD!

Sugar paste is applied to the skin and then flicked off in the same direction as the hair growth.  It removes the hair from the root. Because of this, re-growth is slower, finer, softer and lighter in color and can lead to gradual diminished hair growth.  This is because each hair follicle is programmed to produce a certain number of hairs in its lifetime.  By removing the hair from the root the follicle is stimulated to produce its next hair more quickly than it would have done if the hair had been shed naturally. The follicle then gets through its programmed number of hairs more quickly, after which, it will stop producing a hair.  It can grab the hair at 1/16 of an inch, which leads to permanency quicker than other methods of hair removal because you are getting the hair in the Anagen phase, thus depleting the follicle.

As dead skin is removed, the skin is left soft, smooth, healthy-looking, clearer, revitalized and stubble free for a few weeks. Sugaring Hair Removal is a niche service and I plan to give all of San Diego the quality in which I would expect myself. I take an extreme amount of pride in my standards to give all clients the personal experience they deserve. Choosing to only offer a gentle and superior form of hair removal my clients are too sweet to wax!

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