The Sweet Scoop on Hair Removal with Sugaring

  • Sugaring body hair has been around since 4000 BC and originated in the Middle East using household items, applying it with only their hands.

  • Made of sugar, water and lemon juice it is 100% all natural and sanitary. You can eat it.

  • Bacteria cannot breed in sugar and there is never double dipping.

  • You will never be burned by sugar. If we can stick our hand in it, it’s safe to use on clients.

  • Attaches only to the hair and dead skin cells NOT the live skin, another reason why it’s less abrasive

  • Sugaring is done in a form using a special technique and is always flicked off in the same direction as the hair growth. This technique is sought out by estheticians because it is not learned in traditional esthetic schooling.

  • Traditional sugaring is ONLY used with a glove and hand. No strips or sticks.

  • Sensitive skin is ideal for sugaring. Individuals, who cannot wax or shave, sugaring is a preferable alternative because of its natural ingredients and limited irritation.

  • Hormones. Naturally our senses our heightened during pregnancy or our monthly cycle but that doesn’t mean you can’t get sugared. Everyone handles this differently; you know your body. I’m happy to go slower during the appointment, just ask!

  • Hair grows back finer and much less, because of the technique used in sugaring pulls the hair from the root which results in softer, finer hair that grows back sparse and is depleted over time