Beautiful skin is a lifestyle. A consistent routine, healthy living and regular professional treatments will support lasting results. 

We use a variety of modalities; microdermabrasion, manual exfoliation, cryo ice globes, oxygen, gua sha and cupping. We do not believe in add ons, we believe in giving the skin what is needed during the treatment. All of our corrective facials include any modality or extra step to ensure progressive results and client satisfaction.

Where to start?

As professionals we see clients confused as to what to schedule. Understandably so, essentially we want to turn back time. All of our treatments are personalized to each client’s current and long-term goals.  Although we have guidelines, each treatment is customized; we are result focused.


*Women or Men’s Back Treatment  $70 (25 minutes)

Customized to our client’s concerns, we will extract, exfoliate and hydrate, bringing balance back to the skins optimal condition. 


*Bikini Facial $40 (25 minutes) 

Gentle exfoliation done by clay or chemical, extractions if needed followed by a mask or serum. Suggested a week after your sugaring appointment or add on to your Brazilian service, (treatment may be adjusted accordingly)


*Glow and GO $65 (25 minutes)

This is a choice or recommendation between a lactic or mandelic acid followed by a serum or gel mask. For a quick pick me up or start of new series of treatments, this quick but effective treatment leaves you instantly brighter and hydrated. Does not include microdermabrasion or manual deep exfoliation. 


*Microdermabrasion Exfoliation $80 (25 minutes)

A non-invasive procedure geared to resurfacing the skins appearance, lifting dead skin allowing deep penetration for products. A light lactic acid is added for enhanced results followed by a hydrating serum. 


*Personalized Treatment $95 (50 minutes) 

This is a corrective facial unclogging pores, eliminating dull skin, and bringing balance back for healthy looking skin. This treatment excludes manual deep exfoliation and microdermabrasion. Your choice of a mandelic or lactic acid followed by a recommended mask for optimal glow! 

 *Advanced Treatments $130 (50 minutes)

Advanced treatments include manual deep exfoliation or microdermabrasion. Providing deep penetration, allowing acids to effortlessly penetrate in cell proliferation.Targeting skin tone and texture while brightening. Choice of Gylcolic, Salicylic, C-Vitality, Intensive Brightening, Pumpkin or combination. Clients may experience flaking or sloughing 2-3 days following treament. 


*Deep Peel $145 (25 minute)

Deep Pore Cleanse along with exfoliation, expect significant peeling addressing deep hyper-pigmentaion, refining texture and correcting acne scars by removing multiple layers of skin. Healthy looking skin is reviled between 14-21 days. This is not a facial but a corrective level 3 peel. Pre conditioning is required before any deep peel is scheuled.Please consult your esthetican. Options of Jessner, TCA, layered with pure retinol to reduce discomfort while aiding results.